Our beer


DesDemona American Pale ale:  ABV  6%

A very drinkable American pale ale that balances a full malt body with a hops forward profile from cascade and apollo hops.


Elwood Island Irish Style Red Ale: ABV 5.5%

Traditionally brewed to be sweet and malty in the true Irish style. 

Horsi Stout:  ABV 5%

A wonderfully dark and amazingly light oatmeal stout.


Drowsy Emperor British style brown ale:  ABV  6.5%

A wonderful brown ale that is traditionally brewed to be roasted and malty with a true British style hop presence. 


Forth & Clyde Scotch style ale:  ABV  8%

Traditionally brewed using peat smoked malt imported from Scotland to bring out the sweet and smoky characteristics of a true Scotch Ale. 


Grand Reserve Belgian style tripel:            ABV 9.5%

A true Belgian style Tripel with warm notes of esters, vanilla and clove. Brewed traditionally with respect for this wonderful style.  

Lindencross Double IPA: ABV 8%

Beautiful amber double IPA with ample kettle and dry hopped goodness, balanced by its complex malty depth.

Yinzenstiner Hefeweizen:  ABV  4.8%

Traditionally unfiltered and refreshing German style hefeweizen.

Braddock’s Gold ’n Ale:  ABV 6%

A crisp and refreshing full bodied, golden ale.